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Baruipur Wakeup Foundation

De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre


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  1. In-house Treatment for Drug/Alcohol Addiction

    we approach in-house rehabilitation for short term and long term in a safe and sober environment. our rehabilitation is abstinence base program, where every patient focus on oneself.

  1. Detoxification

    Detoxification period varies from 21 days to 90 days where our experienced doctors and care giver take special care of patients in withdrawal.

  1. Psychological Disorder

    our expert psychologist take care of mental well-being of all patients, and make conduct counselling session for individually and also provide feedback to parents.

  1. Parallel Treatment

    Parallel treatment of your mental health and substance use disorders by the experienced doctors, psychologists and counselors. various therapies applied to each patients depending on their need.

  1. Treatment for Behavioral Disorder

    Lot of patients also have some behavioral disorder. for those special counselling have been done.

  1. Counselling

    Our experienced counselors conduct the counselling sessions on daily basis and help clients to overcome from addiction.

  1. Group discussion Therapy

    clients attend group discussion sessions on regular basis and learn to express their issues and discuss about hard things about addiction and recovery

  1. 12 Step Recovery Program

    12 step program is world wide popular principle used in recovery from addiction. our clients practice these principles on regular basis.

  1. Meditation and Yoga

    Our Patients regularly practice yoga and meditation under the guidance of our expert.

  1. Free Detox Camp

    We organise Free Detoxification Camp every year in association with Kolkata Police to observe Anti-drug day on 26th of june.

  1. Daily Inventory

    our clients write daily inventory and recognise their negative thoughts and behavior and willing to improve them.

  1. After treatment follow up

    We provide follow up program, where we contact our clients and talk about their current situation and guide them to sustain long term recovery.

Our Treatment team

    We have our expert team who give their best efforts to achieve indivuals a successful recovery. our team consists of General Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Addiction Counselors, Peer educator, Social workers and Care givers. Our team asses our clients on regular basis and make a treatment plan according to their needs.
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