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Baruipur Wakeup Foundation

De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to Baruipur Wake up Foundation

Baruipur Wakeup Foundaton is a Non-Profit Organization offering Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment services as well as treatment to the mild psychological issue. it is more than just a treatment centre; we are a community. In our experience in addiction people tends to be very lonely sometimes. when they come to recovery it is vital for them to build a community of people to share a connection with.

This sense of community and connection we have created here in Rehabilitation Centre. We help our clients to see recovery as an attractive way of life and motivate them to enjoy life without any kind of Drugs or Alcohol. We beleive in 'Connection instead of Control', which help individuals to enter long-term meaningful recovery. Sustained recovery is proven to be more likely when patients stay connected to and supported by family and friends.

Chemical Dependency is defined by the American Medical Association as a serious progressive and life threatening Disease if left untreated Over time. it robs us of all that we cherish - our loved ones, our health, our freedom, our morals and values – our dignity and self respect.

Addiction is not something we can fix by ourselves, and recovery is not a journey we take alone.

We understand how difficult it can be to take that first step on the journey to recovery. Addiction is not a mistake..... Indeed it's a Disease.

There are three criteria you should consider when choosing your treatment and recovery centre: Cost, Quality, and Location. Our goal is simple…to provide the most customized quality treatment at an affordable cost in a location that is convenient to live and concentrate on recovery.

There is a solution and you will find it here at Rehabilitation. Addiction is treatable, and recovery is possible. Our knowledgeable staff will give you the care, compassion, dignity, respect and support you will need to succeed on your journey to recovery.

Are you ready for a new life? Let’s begin the journey together. We are dedicated to helping people and their families recover from the disease of addiction.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide therapeutic and affordable treatment that offers hope and recovery for the individual addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs and correlated Psychological disorder. Baruipur Wakeup Foundation is a client-centered program based on respect and compassion for each individual.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to lead the industry by providing the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment services. we believe anyone can achieve and sustain long-term sobriety and recovery. We are committed to continuous improvement to achieve innovative outcomes.

Why Choose Us ?

We are located in calm area where individuals can focus on there own recovery. Our Rehab is based on Symptomatic treatment under the guidance of experienced Doctors, Psychologists and Counsellors. We believe in Whole Person Recovery (WPR) Physically, Mentally and Psychologically.

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