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Baruipur Wakeup Foundation

De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre

Addiction Treatment

The abstinence-based recovery program is 12 Step and therapy oriented, backed by expert Counselors.


Withdrawal management under round-the-clock medical supervision and regular medical check-up.

Safe and Hygienic

Completely Safe and high level of Hygiene maintained with excellent quality of clean water and food.

Therapeutic Approach

All individuals are worthy of respect. we place high value on careful listening, empathy and support.

De-addiction and Rehabilitation
for Addiction or Alcoholism

Baruipur Wakeup Foundation is a full service residential Drug/Alcohol addiction treatment centre situated in South Kolkata. We are recognized for our excellent care and support service. We offer affordable rehab service to individuals with the knowledge, therapy, counseling and tools needed to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. When you or a loved one is in need of treatment, Baruipur Wakeup Rehabilitation should be a serious consideration for everyone.

Our intensive residential rehab program and counseling successfully treats drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression and much more, located in peaceful area to focus on recovery. We have a specialized Psychiatrist and Psychologists to take care of any co-existing psychological disorders.

We also provide Luxury Rehab Facility like AC accomodation, Special food and care, depending on preference of individual.

Our Key Features

Take a look at some of our key features

Individualized Treatment Plans

You are unique, so your treatment is customized in a way that will work for your successful recovery.

Specialized Services

For individuals who have a dual diagnosis. We treat not only your addiction but your mental health condition as well.

Therapy based treatment

Individual and Group Therapy offers you strong support and help you through your treatment process.

Cost-effective Treatment

We offer affordable treatment program with high quality of care and support to achieve long-term recovery.

Home-Like safe Environment

The setting is home-like atmosphere where each client can feel comfortable, relaxed and conductive to concentrate on recovery.

Luxury Rehab Facility

Depending on the personal preference of the patient we provide Luxury facility to our clients with AC accomodation

Glimpse of Rehabilitation Centre

Luxury Rehab facility with AC accomodation

Our Treatment Services at Glance

Take a look at Services you will get at Rehabilitation

By Admin | August 10 2018
Symptomatic Rehabilitation Treatment
Luxury Rehabilitation Facility (AC room)
Carefully addressing withdrawal issues
Medical Supported Detoxification
By Admin | August 10 2018
12 Step Spiritual Program
Individual/Group Counselling and Therapy
Recreational Therapies - Fun time, Reading
Holistic Therapies – Meditation, Yoga
By Admin | August 10 2018
Addressing Psychological disorder
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
After-Care support in recoveery
Family Counselling and Support
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